Osrs Bowfa Vs Arma Crossbow Nex: Which is Really Better?

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Osrs Bowfa Vs Arma Crossbow Nex: Which is Really Better?

When it comes to choosing the best crossbow, you will find this market segment rife with options.

The choice can be overwhelming and tricky at the same time given the variety of models available in the market.

While some may not be up-to-date with the latest product trends and advancements, others may have definite preferences when it comes to a particular type of crossbow.

So which one is better – the Arma vs Bowfa crossbow? Well, we’ll get to that in this post…

Osrs Bowfa Vs Arma Crossbow Nex – Key Differences

Arma Vs Bowfa Crossbow
FeaturesOSRS Bowfa CrossbowArma Crossbow Nex
TypeCompound CrossbowRecurve Crossbow
Weight175 lbs, 190 lbs165 lbs, 175 lbs, 185 lbs
DesignStandard bodyOrnate look
RangeRequires level 50 Ranged to wieldRequires 75 Ranged to use
Speed6 ticks per attack5 ticks per attack
Max Damage175200
Strength Bonus+50%+75%
OpticsSmall scope on topNo scope
BoltsSteel, iron, and mithrilDragon bolts
Loading SystemStandard drawstring systemSpring-loaded mechanism

Arma Crossbow

The Arma crossbow hails from the brand Barnett and is a part of their Hunter XT series. The Hunter XT series is known for its accuracy and ease of use. This particular crossbow comes with a patented Split Limbs system.

Arma Crossbow

This means that the limbs of the crossbow are made up of two parts that are joined at the center by a spring. The split limbs give the crossbow a distinct advantage by making it more durable, accurate, and consistent.

The Arma also comes with Barnett’s patented Parallel Axle Technology (PAT). PAT has a unique design that allows the crossbow to have a longer distance between the cams and the string.

This increased distance between the cams and the string means that there is less string wear, and reduced noise, and the cams remain in a balanced and consistent position. The Arma comes in a range of draw weights of 165 lbs to 185 lbs with a choice of either carbon or aluminum arrows.

Bowfa Crossbow

The Bowfa crossbow is a product from the brand Black Widow. The Bowfa is a compound crossbow that makes use of cams and a single string to fire arrows. This crossbow is designed for hunting and comes with a built-in laser sight.

Bowfa Crossbow

The Bowfa is available in two models – the Carbon Elite Crossbow and the Carbon Outlaw Crossbow. Both models are equipped with 4x32mm scopes. However, the Elite model comes with a red dot sight and a quiver as well.

The Bowfa crossbow is known for its accuracy and power. This crossbow is powered by an integrated string cocking system and an anti-reverse mechanism that ensures the safety of the user. The Bowfa crossbow has a draw weight of about 175 lbs and a speed of 280 FPS.

The Bowfa comes with a cocking mechanism that makes it very easy for a user to cock the bow with a single hand.

How are Arma and Bowfa crossbows different from each other?

While both crossbows are similar in a lot of ways, there are a few differences that set them apart. Both crossbows come with a wide range of accessories like quivers, scopes, etc. The main difference between the two crossbows lies in the design. While the Bowfa is a compound crossbow, the Arma is a recurve crossbow.

The Bowfa is a compound crossbow that uses cams to draw the bowstring whereas the Arma is a recurve crossbow that makes use of a long bowstring.
The Bowfa is available in draw weights of 175 lbs and 190 lbs, while the Arma is available in draw weights of 165 lbs, 175 lbs, and 185 lbs.
The Bowfa is equipped with an integrated string cocking system, an anti-reverse mechanism, and a string that is coiled on both sides of the bow. The Arma comes with a long bowstring and a single-sided string that is coiled on one side of the bow.
The OSRS Bowfa is a ranged weapon that requires level 50 Ranged to wield. It can fire both arrows and bolts, making it versatile in combat. Its maximum damage is 175, making it one of the strongest bows in OSRS. However, it has a rather slow attack speed of 6 ticks per attack, which means it takes longer to hit your target than other weapons. Additionally, its strength bonus is only +50%, so it may not perform as well against higher-level monsters as other bows.
The Arma Crossbow Nex is an even stronger bow that requires 75 Ranged to use. Its maximum damage output is 200 with a strength bonus of +75%. It also has a slightly faster attack speed of 5 ticks per attack, making it quicker to hit your target. The Arma Crossbow Nex is also more accurate than OSRS Bowfa and can be used with dragon bolts (e) for an even higher maximum damage output of 255.
In terms of requirements, the OSRS Bowfa has lower stats than the Arma Crossbow Nex, but it still requires 50 Ranged to use. Therefore, if you have lower stats or are just starting out in OSRS, then this may be the better weapon for you. However, if you have higher stats and don’t mind taking some time to train them up further, then the Arma Crossbow Nex would likely be a better choice.
OSRS Bowfa has a standard body and limbs while Arma Crossbow Nex has an ornate look that makes it stand out more. It also has a small scope on top, which OSRS Bowfa lacks.
OSRS Bowfa can use a variety of bolts, including steel, iron, and mithril. Meanwhile, Arma Crossbow Nex is only compatible with dragon bolts (e). This means that it has higher potential damage output but lower overall versatility than OSRS Bowfa.
OSRS Bowfa uses a standard drawstring system for loading while Arma Crossbow Nex uses a spring-loaded mechanism that allows it to be loaded quickly. Additionally, OSRS Bowfa has a detachable quiver which allows you to store more arrows than the Arma Crossbow Nex.
How are Arma and Bowfa crossbows different from each other?
Pros And Cons Of OSRS Bowfa
Benefits of Osrs Bowfa
Drawbacks of Osrs Bowfa
Lower requirements
Versatile; can fire arrows and bolts
Decent damage output
Slower attack speed than Arma Cossbow Nex
Lower strength bonus than Arma Crossbow Nex
Pros And Cons Of Arma Crossbow Nex
Benefits Of Arma Crossbow
Drawbacks Of Arma Crossbow
Higher stats requirement for increased damage potential
Increased accuracy
Faster attack speed
Higher stats requirement for use
Cannot be used with arrows

Which One is Better?

The Arma and Bowfa crossbows are designed with different uses in mind.

The Arma is designed as a hunting crossbow that is easy to handle, accurate, and extremely consistent, while the Bowfa is designed for target shooting and hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits.

The Bowfa is a more powerful crossbow than the Arma, making it the better option for hunting. While the Arma is a good choice for hunting, the Bowfa can be used for hunting a wider variety of animals.

The Arma is also a good choice for beginners as it is easy to use and does not have too many advanced features. The Bowfa, on the other hand, is suitable for more experienced and advanced users as it has more features.

The Arma is priced lower than the Bowfa and is the better option for budget-conscious buyers.

In terms of popularity, the Bowfa crossbow is leading the race against the Arma crossbow. The Bowfa has been leading the charts in terms of most popular crossbows for a couple of years now.

The Arma, on the other hand, has only recently been introduced in the market and is still catching up with the Bowfa. However, the recent introduction of the Arma has not affected the popularity of the Bowfa.

So the Bowfa is still leading the race against the Arma.

Which one should you buy?

The Arma and Bowfa crossbows are two of the best crossbows on the market. They are designed with different uses in mind and are priced accordingly.

If you are a beginner, then the Arma is the best crossbow for you as it is easy to use and has fewer features than the Bowfa. You can then graduate to the Bowfa once you have gained enough experience and know how to use a crossbow properly.

If you are an experienced crossbow user, then the Bowfa is a better choice for you. Apart from the design and the use, the crossbows differ in price as well. The Arma is priced lower than the Bowfa, making it a better option for budget-conscious buyers.


In conclusion, while both Osrs Bowfa and Arma crossbow Nex are powerful weapons, the Osrs Bowfa is better suited to players with lower stats while the Arma crossbow Nex is best for those with higher stats or a willingness to train up further.

Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your own situation when making your decision. Ultimately, you should choose whichever one will provide you with the most benefits in combat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nex weak to crossbows?

No, Nex is not weak to crossbows. The Osrs Bowfa and Arma crossbow Nex are both effective weapons against Nex’s various forms, provided they are used correctly. With a decent Ranged level and some patience, players can take down Nex using either weapon. It is important to note though that Osrs Bowfa has a slower attack speed than the Arma crossbow Nex, so if you want to maximize your damage output then the latter may be a better option. Additionally, Osrs Bowfa can fire arrows as well as bolts while Arma crossbow Nex can only use dragon bolts (e). This gives Osrs Bowfa more versatility when it comes to dealing with different enemies.

How much better is Armadyl crossbow?

The Armadyl crossbow is a much stronger weapon than Osrs Bowfa, with higher stats requirements for increased damage potential and greater accuracy. It also has a faster attack speed than Osrs Bowfa and can only be used with dragon bolts (e). This makes it better suited for players who have high stats or are willing to train them further. Additionally, Osrs Bowfa cannot fire arrows while the Arma crossbow Nex can, giving it more versatility when it comes to dealing with different enemies. All in all, the Armadyl crossbow is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful ranged weapon!

Does Armadyl crossbow count as an Armadyl item?

Yes, the Armadyl crossbow is an Armadyl item. It was released along with the God Wars Dungeon on 18 April 2010 and requires 70 Ranged to wield. The crossbow has a special attack called ‘Shatter’, which does 300% damage if it hits its target. It can be purchased from other players or obtained as a drop from Kree’arra and his minions in the God Wars Dungeon. Additionally, it has a 20% strength bonus when compared to other two-handed crossbows, making it one of the more powerful weapons available in the game.

What bolts to use with Zaryte crossbow?

The Zaryte crossbow can fire any type of bolt, however, it is most commonly used with Zaryte bolts or Rune bolts. Zaryte bolts have a 20% damage bonus and 50% accuracy bonus when fired from the Zaryte crossbow, making them an ideal choice for mid-level players who are looking for a powerful weapon. For higher-level players, Rune bolts provide greater accuracy and strength bonuses but are also more expensive. Both types of bolts can be purchased from other players or obtained as drops from certain monsters in the game. Additionally, the crossbow’s special attack ‘Fragmentation Shot’ adds an additional 25% damage when using either type of bolt.

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