How To Adjust Crossbow Scope and Keep Your Arrows Flying Straight!

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How To Adjust Crossbow Scope and Keep Your Arrows Flying Straight!

A scope is the main sighting device on a crossbow.

It enables you to aim your target more precisely, which in turn increases your chances of hitting it.

The scope also allows you to view your target from a distance and shoot accordingly.

There are many types of crossbow scopes that may come with your crossbow when you buy it.

Some of these scopes have adjustable magnification, while some don’t.

If yours doesn’t, read on to learn how to adjust your crossbow scope so that you can hit targets with ease and accuracy.

The Importance of Adjusting Your Scope

The Importance of Adjusting Your Scope

Before we continue, it’s important to understand the importance of adjusting your crossbow scope.

If your crossbow is not properly sighted in, then you run the risk of shooting your arrows high and wide off your intended target!

How do you know if your crossbow scope is properly sighted in?

If your crossbow scope is sighted in, then the reticle in your crossbow scope will be in line with the arrows when you are aiming toward your target.

If your crossbow scope is not sighted in, then the reticle will not be in line with the arrows, and you will not be aiming toward your intended target!

How To Adjust Your Crossbow Scope

What You Will Need

If you want to understand how to adjust a crossbow scope, then you first need to make sure you have the right equipment! Here is a list of the essentials:

A Crossbow: While a crossbow scope works with any crossbow, the best scopes for crossbows come with crossbow models in mind!
A Crossbow Scope: The crossbow scope will come with different settings, so it’s important to know how to adjust each one to keep your arrows flying straight!
Crossbow Scope Rings: Crossbow scopes come with rings that are used to mount the scope onto your crossbow. You will need to make sure that you have the right size rings for your crossbow and scope.
A Crossbow Sight Tool: This is used to tighten the crossbow scope rings and the screws on the crossbow scope. You will need a good crossbow sight tool to make sure you are properly adjusting your crossbow scope.

Choosing a Location for Sighting-in

Before you begin adjusting your crossbow scope, it’s important to choose the right location to begin sighting in your crossbow scope.

  • A Shooting Range: If you are using a shooting range, then it’s best to choose either the 25 or 50-yard line. This is because shooting too close to the targets will leave you with inaccurate readings, and shooting too far away will make it hard to see the accuracy of your crossbow scope.
  • Grasslands or Open Land: If you are outside and wish to sight-in your crossbow scope, then it’s best to choose a piece of grassland or an open field. This is because you do not want to sight in your crossbow where there are obstacles that might get in the way of your arrows!

Loosen The Latches

Before you can adjust your crossbow scope, you must first loosen the latches on the elevation and windage knobs of your crossbow scope!

How do you know if your latches are loose? If your elevation and windage knobs are loose, then you will be able to easily turn them with your fingers.

Loosen The Latches

It might be helpful to write down which numbers correspond with which settings on your crossbow scope before you begin adjusting it!


Sight In Your Crossbow

Once you have loosened your crossbow scope, you can begin adjusting your crossbow. To do this, hold your crossbow and look through the crossbow scope.

Locate the reticle in the crossbow scope. The reticle is the red or black crosshair in the crossbow scope and is used to aim your arrows toward the target.

Sight In Your Crossbow

Once you have located the reticle in the crossbow scope, you can then adjust the windage knob on the side of the crossbow scope until the reticle lines up with your arrows.

Next, adjust the elevation knob on the top of the crossbow scope until the reticle lines up with your arrows.

Note that if the arrows are flying low, then you need to turn both knobs to the left. If they are flying high, then you need to turn both knobs to the right!

Final Words

Now that you have sighted in your crossbow scope, you are ready to hit the range and start practicing!

Crossbow scopes are essential for accurate shooting, and adjusting your crossbow scope is a necessary part of owning a crossbow.

If you want to understand how to adjust a crossbow scope and keep those arrows flying straight, then you need to make sure that you are properly adjusting your crossbow scope.

This will ensure that you are hitting your target and not missing because of a faulty crossbow scope!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the knobs on a crossbow scope?

Knobs on a crossbow scope are adjustable settings that help the shooter accurately and consistently aim at the target. These knobs typically include windage (left/right adjustment) and elevation (up/down adjustment). Windage adjustments allow for horizontal corrections, while elevation adjustments can be used to correct for differences in distance or height between the shooter and the target. Additionally, some scopes have reticles with dots or circles to aid in aiming, as well as parallax adjustment knobs for long-range shooting. By making small changes to these knobs, an archer can greatly improve their accuracy when using a crossbow.

What distance should you sight in a crossbow?

The distance at which you should sight in a crossbow depends on the type of target and shooting situation. Generally, it is recommended to sight in your crossbow for a specific range that matches the distance to your target. For example, if you are hunting a game from 20-30 yards away, then it would be best to sight in your crossbow for 25 yards. This will provide the most accurate results when aiming and shooting. Additionally, some archers recommend sighting in their crossbows at shorter distances (15-20 yards) when using small targets like reactive foam blocks or paper targets. Finally, when practicing with a broadhead arrowhead at longer distances (over 30 yards), it is best to sight in your crossbow according to the arrowhead specifications.

Do crossbow scopes have magnification?

Yes, some crossbow scopes do have variable magnification. This feature allows you to zoom in or out on the target, enabling you to make precise adjustments for long-range shooting. The level of magnification available will vary from scope to scope, with some offering up to 10x magnification power. Additionally, many modern scopes also feature illuminated reticles that allow for easier aiming in low-light conditions. Such features can be very beneficial for hunters and competitive shooters who need a high level of accuracy when shooting at long distances.

Why does my crossbow keep shooting high?

If your crossbow is consistently shooting higher than it should, the most likely culprit is an incorrect elevation setting. If the elevation setting on your scope is too high, then the arrow will fly over the intended target. To fix this issue, you will need to adjust the elevation knob on your scope until the arrows are hitting their desired marks. If possible, try using a shooting rest or sandbags when sighting in your crossbow. This will ensure that all adjustments are correctly made and that there isn’t any human error impacting accuracy.

What are the yardages on a crossbow scope?

The yardage markings on a crossbow scope will vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Generally, scopes feature incremental yardage markings ranging from 10 to 80 yards or more. The exact marking intervals may also differ from one model to another, with some having every 2-3 yards marked while others are only marked at 5-yard increments.

Why is my crossbow not accurate?

There are many possible reasons why your crossbow may not be shooting accurately. The most common cause of inaccuracy is an incorrect sight setting or a loose arrow nock. If you have recently adjusted the sights on your crossbow, then it is important to make sure that they are properly aligned and locked in place. Additionally, if you’re using arrows with mechanical broadheads, then it’s also important to ensure that the arrow nocks are securely fastened. Other potential causes of inaccuracy include poor bow maintenance (such as worn-out strings or misaligned cams), poor-quality arrows, and incorrectly weighted broadheads.

How far can a 150 lb crossbow shoot?

The maximum effective shooting range for a 150 lb crossbow will depend on the type of arrow you are using and other factors such as your form and technique. Generally, a 150 lb crossbow can shoot accurately up to 50-60 yards with practice and quality arrows or bolts. However, with modern composite bows and advanced scope technology, some experienced shooters have achieved accurate shots at distances of over 75 yards.

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